Topics in Biosecurity

The Center’s work addresses a wide range of topics and issues in biosecurity. The list below, while not exhaustive, represents some of the most persistent themes in our work.

Community Engagement

Rationale, recommendations, and strategies for engaging community members in public health emergency response and recovery planning. See all titles.


Analysis of strategies and recommendations for development of countermeasures for major biological threats. See all titles.

Disease Surveillance

Research and recommendations on programs and strategies designed to identify and track the progression of infectious disease outbreaks and epidemics. See all titles.


Analyses of and recommendations for prioritizing and improving funding for biosecurity and biodefense. See all titles.

Healthcare Response

In-depth examination of federal policy and programs related to U.S. healthcare response and hospital preparedness, with suggestions for prioritizing efforts and addressing key challenges. See all titles.


A broad array of the Center’s work addressing issues in leadership—from identifying strategic priorities to exercising effective leadership during a crisis. See all titles

Life Sciences

Publications and multimedia on the intersection of advances in the life sciences and U.S. national security. See all titles.              

Medical Management

Expert information about medical management of infectious diseases caused by agents of concern and other infectious diseases, with analysis of issues that affect clinical care and services. See all titles.

Pandemic Influenza

Examination and analyses of the potential consequences of pandemic flu, with strategies for improving policy, planning, preparedness, response, and recovery. See all titles.


Strategies and measures intended to prevent the development, use, and efficacy of biological weapons. See all titles.

Protecting Building Occupants

Practical recommendations for preparing buildings to withstand biothreats and for addressing the challenges of environmental decontamination. See all titles.

Public Health Response

In depth analyses of the public health capacities that society depends upon during infectious disease epidemics, with recommendations for strategy and initiatives to strengthen those capacities. See all titles.

Role of Government

Examination of the roles of federal, state, and local government in funding and leading efforts to plan and prepare for, respond to, and recover from catastrophic events. See all titles

Science Policy

Research on and analysis of dual-use implications of bioscience developments, with recommendations for policies and regulations to prevent the misuse of science without impeding advancement. See all titles.

Select Agents

Information, analysis, and recommendations related to the agents and diseases representing the greatest biological threats; includes fact sheets on the agents deemed most dangerous. See all titles.

Threat of Bioterrorism

Materials that describe the threat of bioterrorism and offer recommendations for mitigating that threat. See all titles.