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Our independent research, analysis, and nonpartisan policy recommendations are valued resources for decision makers who are responsible for strengthening U.S. planning, response, and resilience to catastrophic events.



The Center for Biosecurity is an independent nonprofit organization .

Our mission is to strengthen U.S. national security and resilience by reducing dangers posed by epidemics, biothreats, nuclear disasters, and other destabilizing events.

Our staff comprises experts in medicine, public health, national security, law, economics, the biological and social sciences, and global health.

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More than a Decade of Leadership

Prior to joining UPMC in 2003 as the Center for Biosecurity, the group was founded in 1998 as the first and only academic center focused on biosecurity policy and practice. The Center’s work has helped to identify the character and potential consequences of major biological threats, the policies needed to protect the nation, and the response capacities necessary to diminish the impact of such an event.

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Our Publications
Biosecurity and Bioterrorism: Biodefense Strategy, Practice, and Science

The only peer-reviewed journal in the field, the quarterly Biosecurity and Biodefense provides an international forum for debate and exploration of the many key strategic, scientific, and operational issues posed by biological weapons and bioterrorism.

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Biosecurity News Today

This daily digest of global news and developments is designed to keep readers current on important developments in biosecurity, biodefense, nuclear security, and national security. There is no cost to subscribe to this daily email newsletter.

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Clinician's Biosecurity News

This free biweekly report on new developments and issues in clinical biosecurity is written for professionals in medicine, public health, and related fields who have an interest in biosecurity and biodefense. There is no cost to subscribe to this email newsletter. The full archive of articles is available online.

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