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Opportunities/Challenges for Developing Vaccines & Medicine

Improving Epidemic Response: Building Bridges Between the U.S. and China

Kunal Rambhia

Senior Analyst, Center for Biosecurity , Moderator

May 15, 2012 | Washington, DC


Dong Xie, Founder and CEO, Frontier BioSciences, Inc., and Chengdu Frontier BioSciences Co., Ltd. (Read full bioView Slideshow)

Frank Liu, Professor and Deputy Director, Chinese Academy of Sciences Key Laboratory of Pathogenic Microbiology (Read full bioView Slideshow)

Moderator Bio

Mr. Rambhia is a Senior Analyst at the Center for Biosecurity . He conducts research in support of Center programs, with a focus on hospital and healthcare preparedness, biotechnology, pandemic influenza, infectious disease agents, and international biosecurity issues. Read full bio.