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U.S. Preparedness for a Nuclear Detonation

October 17, 2011

Panelists--Inglesby, Buddemeier, Daigler, Schoch-Spana

On October 17, 2011, the Center for Biosecurity held the second of 3 briefings in a congressional seminar series on biological and nuclear security, co-hosted by the United States Senate Caucus on WMD Terrorism. The briefing featured a panel discussion on U.S. Preparedness for a Nuclear Detonation, moderated by Thomas V. Inglesby, Director and CEO of the Center for Biosecurity .


U.S. Preparedness for a Nuclear Detonation slides
Thomas V. Inglesby, Chief Executive Officer and Director, Center for Biosecurity
Panelist Presentations

U.S. government response preparations for a nuclear disaster
Donald Daigler, Director, Planning Division, Response, FEMA

Latest science on the effects of a nuclear detonation
Brooke Buddemeier, Global Security Directorate, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Checklist of actions cities can take that could save the most lives following a nuclear detonation slides
Monica Schoch-Spana, Senior Associate, Center for Biosecurity

Moderated Panel Discussion & Questions from the Audience