Dr. Amesh Adalja

Amesh Adalja, MD


Area of Professional Expertise: Infectious Diseases, Critical Care (ICU), Emergency Medicine

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Emergency medicine/internal medicine dual training section newsletter, Biosecurity, December 2010, Vol 2, #1, by Amesh A. Adalja, MD. (12-15-2010): Dr. Adalia of the Center for Biosecurity wrote this article.

Age profile of H1N1 cases sparks discussion of 'original antigenic sin,' by Robert Roos. CIDRAP News. (05-28-2010): A letter written by Drs. Adalja and Henderson that was published in Emerging Infectious Diseases is mentioned in this article.

Expert puts flu in context; Doctor: it's too early to tell what virus will do, by Kelly B. Garrett. Butler (PA) Eagle. (05-02-2009): Dr. Adalja is featured and he discussed the 2009 H1N1 flu outbreak: " This is a novel strain that has made the leap to humans and that's why it is important to watch and study and see how it may affect humans."

Doctor gauges severity of flu, by David Templeton. Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. (05-01-2009): Dr. Adalja comments about the H1N1 virus, noting that “It is my personal opinion that this will become widespread throughout the world.” He also discussed cell-based vaccines, which are not yet approved by the FDA, "There's no doubt in my mind that the vaccine produced would be safe."

Swine flu scare hits close to home, by Allison Heinrichs and Matthew Santoni. Pittsburgh Tribune Review. (04-29-2009): Dr. Adalja offers advice on practicing good hygiene: "That means washing hands, covering their mouth when coughing or sneezing, staying home if you're sick," . . . "If you're suspicious that you've been around somebody with swine flu because of travel history, you sh ould be consulting with your doctor. And keep up-to-date on where cases are and what the CDC is recommending."

Swine flu update: April 28: What every physician needs to know about swine flu today, by Amesh Adalja. Emergency Physician’s Monthly. (04-28-2009): Dr. Adalja’s report initially published by the Clinicians’ Biosecurity Network was adapted for this publication.

Flu virus neutered in new therapy: Research could lead to universal vaccine, by Scott Lafee. San Diego Union-Tribune. (02-23-2009): Dr. Adalja comments about the emerging resistance of flu to existing antiviral drugs: “Right now, we're treating the flu a bit blindly.”