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If you would like to place a link on your site to the homepage of the Center for Biosecurity web site or include a link to an article posted on, please do so. Links to other web sites are made available as a convenience. The Center for Biosecurity does not necessarily endorse information present on third-party web sites, and the existence of a link does not imply any affiliation.

You may post a link without requesting our permission, as long as the text that appears on your site is limited to the web site name, “Center for Biosecurity ,” or to the title of an article that appears on our site. If listing the title of an article, please include the author’s name (first initial, last name), the Center for Biosecurity as publisher, and the URL to the title, which may be written out or added as a hyperlink, as demonstrated in the example below:

ExampleHandcuffing the Flu: Can a Law Enforcement/National Security Approach to Pandemic Preparedness Protect the American People?, M. Schoch-Spana, Center for Biosecurity .

Links from third-party web sites to the Center for Biosecurity web site must not contain distasteful or offensive content, must not imply an endorsement by the Center for Biosecurity , and must not knowingly present false or misleading information to the user.

At the bottom of this page, you will find an icon that can be used if you wish to include it on your site. Simply copy and paste it as desired.

Note: This statement of permission does NOT apply to articles from the journal, Biosecurity and Bioterrorism: Biodefense Strategy, Practice, and Science, which is published by Mary Ann Leibert, Inc. and posted on the web site

Permission to reprint, adapt, disseminate materials that appear on this web site

If you wish to reprint, adapt, copy, and/or disseminate materials that appear on this web site, please send your request using the online request form. We will respond by e-mail as quickly as possible.


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